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Landscaping Services in MA, NH, and ME

Let meditation gardens turn your home or business into a showplace...

beautiful shade gardenThe right combination of landscape features, such as a small pond, with trees, shrubs, and plants that are chosen for their beauty and ability to thrive in a particular microclimate, can provide a breathtaking setting for your home or business. The design team at Meditation Gardens has been building serene, beautiful landscapes for our clients since 1988.

The correct siting of a tree or shrub is vital to the plant's ability to thrive and survive our harsh New England winters. Hours of sunlight, soil pH, and drainage characteristics are all important factors to the health of all plants. Bob Hammond is a certified arborist in Massachusetts, and brings his knowledge and love for the plants he works with to the design table.

Consider enhancing your landscape with a pergola or gazebo. These outdoor structures provide a shady place to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds you.