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Masonry Services

Meditation Gardens offers a variety of residential masonry and landscaping services to our clients

wall made from blasted ledgeFrom beautiful stone retaining walls and stairs to natural stone patios, landscaped walkways, and gardens for relaxation and mediation, we are a full-service masonry company committed to complete customer satisfaction.

A stone retaining wall is functionality at its most beautiful. Retaining walls prevent hillside erosion and landscape damage, offer a place for a comfortable bench, and extend the opportunities for a kitchen herb garden, a low-maintenance rock garden, or specimen shrubs and trees.

In addition to outdoor services we can also accommodate your interior masonry projects such as architectural stone walls and fireplaces.

Masonry repairs
Over time, exposure to harsh weather can cause a breakdown in the structure of a stone wall, chimney, stairway, walkway, or any masonry structure. Timely repair is critical to maintaining the integrity of the masonry in your home and on your property. We offer expert repair services to help you maintain the value of your home and property.

basement flooding resolution
Do you have problems with a basement that floods due to a high water table or cracks in the foundation? We can help by repairing cracks and/or installing drainage systems that will channel the water away from from the foundation.

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