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From vision...

a well-planned landscape compliments and enhances the beauty of your home.

bare driveway area

It starts with a vision...

Bob Hammond's rendering of stone column and wall

...and leads to a design...

stone pillar and wall

...that produces beautiful results

to reality


Vision >>

A beautiful landscape is a means of self-expression, and can bring peace and joy to your living environment. Bob Hammond draws his vision and inspiration from the land itself.

Design >>
Meditation Gardens brings respect for the beauty and uniqueness of the materials we work with to the design table. We use naturally-occurring features such as a hillside or ground depression to build a waterfall or pond that blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

Results >>
Whether it's a simple stone wall or a beautiful waterfall garden offering peace and tranquility at the end of a busy day, the Meditation Gardens team is committed to bringing your landscape dreams to life.